Natural resources of Indonesia

Natural Resources of Indonesia SUPPLY SOURCE

The supply of rattan in Indonesia comes mainly from natural forests and some from plantations. Some 9 million hectares of forests and plantation areas scattered all over the country are registered with an average production of more than 300,000 tons per annum. Based on studies and observations conducted recently in 16 provinces, the production potential could be increased to around 600,000 tons per annum.

The present production level already gives Indonesia a dominant position as the main supplier of rattan law materials in the world, accounting for almost 80% of the world trade.

Indonesia has some 300 rattan species, a number of which are known to be the best cane quality available in the world, such as Manau cane (Calamus Manau) or Sega rattan (Calamus Caesius).


Besides Government-owned institutions dealing with standardization and quality control, international inspection agencies as well as buying agents offer services to verify specifications and requirements and execute quality inspection prior to shipment agreed upon between buyer and seller.

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